Tea, molding the foundation of a healthy lifestyle

Matcha’s intrigue stems from is its unique natural nutritional composition of catechin, vitamins, dietary fiber and other important nutrients. Much research from different countries demonstrate the efficacy catechin in maintaining complexion and fitness. Other benefits are its antioxidant properties, energy boost, constipation relief, prevention of halitosis, and weight loss. It also has an impressive preventative affect on diseases such as cancer, arteriosclerosis and gastric ulcers. Matcha has a fairly high content of catechins and also has an ample amount of vitamin A, C, E and mineral substance. It is a nutritional powerhouse among beverages.

*Tip: When tea is consumed as a beverage there are incredible nutritional benefits, yet just 35% of the leaves are soluble and consumed. A whopping amount of nutrition is lost when the remains are discarded. Research shows eating tea is the best way to maximize its nutritional value.
*Japanese master connoisseurs and tea lore teachers are renowned for their health and longevity.